Academy Of Learning’s Flexible Training Programs Allows Majutha To Embark On Business Courses

Majutha Ketheeswaran started life in Canada as an immigrant in 2005. Being a mother of three, Majutha had little-to-no time to study. However, after learning about Academy of Learning’s flexible training programs from a friend in 2018, she decided to embark on some business courses.

“Before I started, I was very doubtful I would be able to complete my course because of my childcare commitments. Even though I had previously taken a course for English as a second language, I also thought I would struggle because of poor communication skills. But the location was close to where I live and so I hoped the convenience paired with positive environment of friends and instructors would help me through.
“In fact, I was very happy with the Academy of Learning Career College system – I didn’t find the course too stressful at all. When the pandemic hit, we were able to study safely from home thanks to them quickly arranging classes to run remotely. The support given to us over this crisis meant I could study without interruption. The college handled everything amazingly – I can’t speak highly enough of my instructors and the administrators, whose support helped me to complete my program. I’m very proud to be a COVID-19 graduate.”

Majutha Ketheeswaran
MS Office and business courses
Academy of Learning Career College – Warden & Sheppard, Toronto Campus

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