Computer Course – Skills For Beginners Certificate

A Computer Course And Internet Course For Beginners!

There is a beginners computer course for you! Personal Computer Fundamentals and Internet Fundamentals gives you the skills you need for the workforce!

  • Online access through the ILS (Integrated Learning System) to all materials including text, audio files, videos, and interactive PowerPoint training
  • Comprehensive textbooks and guides that include all course material. Plenty of images and screen shots along with room for your own notes
  • One-on-one support from our Learning Coaches who are there to help you over whatever hurdles you may encounter

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Personal Computer Fundamentals – Basic Computer Training

In the Personal Computer Fundamentals for End Users course, you will learn about the components and basic operation of the personal computer. The content in this course is both conceptual and practical, and is intended to provide you with a working knowledge of computing. You’ll explore hardware troubleshooting, file management, multimedia options, and browsing the Internet. In addition, this course consists of eight Lessons and a Final Exam. You are given ample opportunity to practice, apply, and develop their skills in personal computing. Finally, there are questions at the end of each Lesson designed to reinforce the concepts you have learned in the Lesson. View PDF of PC Fundamentals.

Lesson 1: History And Types Of Computers
The Advent of the Personal Compute; Categories of Personal Computers

Lesson 2: Computer Course – Types Of Devices
The System Unit; Common Peripheral Devices for Input; Common Peripheral Devices for Output; Common Peripheral Devices for Storage; Common Peripheral Devices for Communications Lesson 3: How a Computer Works; Preparing a Computer for Use; Introducing Operating Systems

Lesson 4: Drivers, Keyboards, Printers And More!
Understanding Device Drivers; Using the Mouse; Using the Keyboard; The Monitor; Understanding Printers; Troubleshooting Hardware and Configuration Problems; Health Issues

Lesson 5: Popular Applications
Common Business Software Applications; Using a Word Processing Application; Using a Spreadsheet Application

Lesson 6: Computer Course – Using Files And Software
Exploring Files and Folders; Using the Recycle Bin; Installing and Uninstalling Software

Lesson 7: Videos, Images And Sound
Introduction to Multimedia; Introduction to Graphics; Introduction to Animations; Introduction to Video; Introduction to Sound

Lesson 8: How Computers Talk – Internet And Email
Communication between Computers; Introduction to the Internet; Browsing the World Wide Web; Using Email

Internet Fundamentals – A Computer Course About The Web

The Internet Fundamentals computer course explores the various components of the Internet using Google Chrome. You will be taught common procedures used to maximize successful use of the Internet and its many features. Next you will learn how to customize the Chrome browser and use web-based e-mail, and they will explore blogs, social media, multimedia, and other web technologies. Lastly you will be given ample opportunity to practice, apply, and develop their Internet skills through Knowledge Check and practical activities. Check out PDF for Internet Fundamentals.

Module 1: Getting On The Web
Understanding the Internet, Connecting to the Internet, Working with the World Wide Web, Help with Google Chrome

Module 2: All About Pages & Searching
Accessing and Viewing Web Pages, Revisiting Web Pages, Searching the Web

Module 3: Privacy & Security – Computer Course
Working with Web Content, Downloading Resources from the Internet, Using the Web and Maintaining Your Privacy

Module 4: Computer Course – Email!
Understanding E-mail, Using Email, Replying to, Forwarding, and Using E-mail Options

Module 5: Social Media And Blogs
Primer to Social Media, Social Media and Other Technology Sites, Blogs

Module 6: Computer Course – Customizing Your Web Experience
Customizing Viewing Options in Your Browser, Multimedia and HTML, Adding Content and Media to a Web Page

AOLCC’s Integrated Learning System™

All courses in our programs are delivered through our unique Integrated Learning System™ (ILS). Through ILS, you will develop a true proficiency in each topic, no matter your age or skill level upon enrolment. Our learning coaches are with you every step of the way to provide individualized assistance and encouragement in a supportive and non-competitive learning environment. Here’s how it works:

  • You only advance to the next course when you are confident that you have mastered one topic and are ready to move on to the next
  • You participate in hands-on exercises, tasks and practice exams that test your knowledge and give you confidence

These computer courses include online/digital resources, interactive practice, remote access for safety, one-on-one Learning Coach assistance, and a comprehensive textbook or guide. These courses are recognized across the province and country.

Students accomplish the learning objectives for each module through a series of hands-on tasks, for which they are given step-by-step instructions and desired result checkpoints. The tasks provide ample opportunity for students to practice, apply, and develop the skills covered in the course.

A practice exercise and review questions are included at the end of each module to measure progress and reinforce the skills learned. There is also a lab exercise at the end of the course to provide further practice and review to reinforce the topics learned throughout the course, and to help prepare students for the exam.

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