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Academy of Learning offers two Microsoft PowerPoint training levels for everyone from pure beginners, to those needing a PowerPoint refresher, to those who need to upgrade their skills to an expert level. Each course includes everything you need for success.

  • Online access through the ILS (Integrated Learning System) to all materials including text, audio files, videos, and interactive PowerPoint training
  • Comprehensive textbooks that include all course material. Plenty of images and screen shots along with room for your own notes
  • One-on-one support from our Learning Coaches who are there to help you over whatever hurdles you may encounter


The Microsoft PowerPoint Course – Level 1

This course teaches you the fundamentals of Microsoft PowerPoint and its usage within the Windows environment. You’ll learn to create, modify, and deliver electronic presentations. Learn to create slides containing text, tables, charts, diagrams, and graphics. You’ll practice customizing slides and finalizing presentations, and then learn to print and deliver slide shows. View PDF of Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1.

Module 1: Navigating And Creating PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint 2010 Overview; Starting and Exiting the Application; Examining PowerPoint’s Interface; Creating and Saving PowerPoint Presentations; Entering Text; Viewing and Navigating Presentations; Getting Help While You Work

Module 2: Formatting Text In Microsoft PowerPoint

Editing and Manipulating Text; Formatting Text Boxes; Changing Font Attributes and Formatting; Developing Presentation Content; Managing and Arranging Slides

Module 3: Creating Tables And Multiple Presentations

Creating and Modifying a Table; Modifying Rows and Columns; Formatting a Table; Working with Multiple Presentations

Module 4: MS PowerPoint WordArt And Images

Inserting and Formatting WordArt; Inserting Pictures, Clip Art, and Shapes; Modifying and Formatting Objects; Aligning Objects; Formatting Pictures, Clip Art, and Shapes

Module 5: Transitioning In PowerPoint And Printouts

Creating Supporting Materials; Creating Handouts for a Presentation; Proofing and Finalizing Slides; Using Transitions between Slides; Previewing a Presentation; Printing a Presentation

Module 6: Delivering Presentations And Timing In Microsoft PowerPoint

Presentation Delivery Options; Delivering an OnScreen Presentation; Using Presentation Tools; Delivering a Custom Slide Show; Rehearsing and Timing Delivery; Setting Slide Show Options

Microsoft PowerPoint – Level 2

In this course, you will learn to customize PowerPoint and create professional presentations by building upon the basic skills learned in the Microsoft PowerPoint – Level 1 course. Learn to work with slide masters, design templates, and incorporate multimedia effects such as animation, sound, and motion clips into their presentations. You will also understand how to apply good design principles, use color effectively, use features that enhance collaboration with others, and save presentations in different formats. View PDF of Microsoft PowerPoint Level 2.

Module 1: Microsoft PowerPoint Charts, Images & SmartArt

Overview of Charts; Creating a Chart; Modifying a Chart; Formatting a Chart; Creating a SmartArt Graphic; Using the Text Pane to Modify a SmartArt Graphic; Modifying the SmartArt Layout; Formatting a SmartArt Graphic

Module 2: Hyperlinks, Audio And Video

Using Hyperlinks; Modifying Hyperlinks; Using Animation; Animating Charts and SmartArt Graphics; Adding Audio and Video Clips; Formatting Video Clips

Module 3: MS PowerPoint MasterSlides

Using and Customizing Slide Masters; Customizing Slide Master Themes and Backgrounds; Adding Elements to Slide Masters; Managing Slide Masters; Creating Custom Slide Master Layouts

Module 4: Presentation Properties And Themes

Modifying Presentation Properties; Creating Custom Themes; Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar; Customizing the PowerPoint Environment; Customizing the Ribbon and the Status Bar

Module 5: Security And Sharing For Microsoft PowerPoint

Protecting a Presentation; Using Digital Signatures; Preparing a Presentation for Sharing; Sharing Presentations with Others; Reviewing Presentations; Packaging a Presentation for CD and Saving as a Video

Module 6: Creating A Great Presentation!

Applying Good Design Principles; Focusing Your Audience; Saving a Presentation in Other Formats

AOLCC’s Integrated Learning System™

All courses in our programs are delivered through our unique Integrated Learning System™ (ILS). Through ILS, you will develop a true proficiency in each topic, no matter your age or skill level upon enrolment. Our learning coaches are with you every step of the way to provide individualized assistance and encouragement in a supportive and non-competitive learning environment. Here’s how it works:

  • You only advance to the next course when you are confident that you have mastered one topic and are ready to move on to the next
  • You participate in hands-on exercises, tasks and practice exams that test your knowledge and give you confidence

Each level of Microsoft Outlook includes online/digital resources, interactive practice, remote access for safety, one-on-one Learning Coach assistance, and comprehensive textbooks. These courses are recognized across the province and country.

Students accomplish the learning objectives for each module through a series of hands-on tasks, for which they are given step-by-step instructions and desired result checkpoints. The tasks provide ample opportunity for students to practice, apply, and develop the skills covered in the course.

A practice exercise and review questions are included at the end of each module to measure progress and reinforce the skills learned. There is also a lab exercise at the end of the course to provide further practice and review to reinforce the topics learned throughout the course, and to help prepare students for the exam.

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