Mother Sets Powerful Example For Daughter – “She Can Do Anything Too”

At Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC), our students come from all walks of life. Each brings a variety of life experience, talents, and backgrounds and we couldn’t be any prouder of all their accomplishments!
Lori spent many years working as a Personal Support Worker. Every day, she was responsible for the wellbeing and comfort of those in her care.
It was a rewarding career, but the demands of her job ultimately took a toll on her body. Lori injured both of her shoulders, which made it painful and difficult to continue to perform her daily tasks. She had to eventually accept the reality that she needed a career change or else she wouldn’t be able to work at all much longer.
In September of 2017, she handed a tearful resignation letter to her boss and enrolled in the Medical Office Administration Diploma program at Academy of Learning Career College – Belleville.
Leaving a secure job after many years is a scary feeling, but Melanie, Academic Advisor, helped calm Lori’s fears.

“I was worried. Who would hire someone at the age of 47?”

Going back to school wasn’t easy. Lori fought through many days of frustration, stress, and depression. However, throughout the entire transition, Lori’s spouse and daughters have been her inspiration and her rock.

Whenever she struggled, Lori always thought of her three daughters, one of which who suffers from a mental illness and struggles every day. Lori says, “I wanted to show my daughter that if Mom can do this, she can do anything too.”
Lori is also thankful to Kristie, Learning Coach at Academy of Learning Career College – Belleville, who believed in her the whole way through.

“The knowledge, kindness, supportive, caring (on all fronts personal and school), this woman is remarkable. Not one single day went by that she did not push me, comforted me if needed, and give me the confidence I needed

Lori and her three daughters
Around the time of her graduation, Lori was presented with a job opportunity. She doubted herself, but instantly found the confidence she needed with a simple “You got this!” from Kristie.
The interviewee was impressed with everything about Lori—her resume, school transcript, and her background—and hired her on the spot! Lori started working full-time as a Hearing Consultant at Hear Right Canada the very next week.
At the age of 47, Lori finished her Medical Office Administration diploma at Academy of Learning Career College – Belleville with honours and a full time job.

Great work and thanks for the inspiration!

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